Sunday, January 20, 2008

And The Verdict Is...

So, as you can tell, we ended up getting Grace a bunny. If you can't tell, she's holding it in the blanket. It's black and white and named "Angel". This was probably the best $75 I spent. After work on Friday, I took the three girls and hit all the pet shops in town. Ethan was spending the night at his friend's house, and Tanya was at the gym working out. After the fourth petshop, we found one in town the sells bunnies. She had a choice between this one and a 9lb black floppy ear male rabbit. It didn't take her long. We bought a $50 bunny starter kit that came with cage, water bottle, food, food bowl, and bedding. The rabbit was $25. Grace has been really happy with her new friend. One thing Grace is finding out quickly is rabbits have sharp claws--her hands are all scratched up; thus, the blanket!

Friday I swam 2,500 yards at lunch. Saturday, I woke up early and swam 2,500 yards with these new swim paddles I got that are supposed to build strength and form. THen I jointed the NMVS group ride at 9:00AM. It was very cold, again! My feet haven't really recovered from the marathon and my circulation was very bad. They froze the whole time.

The only people that showed up were people that really wanted to hammer. We rode out to San Felipe Casino north of Algodones. We fought a headwind the entire way back to Albuquerque. I was pushing a big gear much longer than I should have and my knees were killing me at the end. This is a classic example of not doing the right thing for training--I should have pushed a smaller gear with a higher cadence fostering blood flow and recovery. Instead, I hammered with the hammerheads! I'll be paying for this one for awhile.

After wards, I came home and took a brief nap. We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the house getting it ready for Grace's family B-day party.

The party went well, with the exception of Grace's Sugar Grandma who's currently in the hospital fighting bronchial complications.

Tanya's flying out Sunday afternoon to attend the funeral of her grandfather's sister, Ruth. She was suffering with complications due to kidney failure. It's going to be a whirlwind trip that will have Tanya flying back here Monday 11PM.

Well now that I've gotten the marathon out of my system, I'm going to start focusing a bit more on my cycling. I plan to race all the races locally culminating with the Tour of the Gila and possibly the Iron Horse in Durango, CO. During this time, I'll limit my running to 2-3 hours Max, and will still spend alot of time swimming. It's too hard to run and race bikes competitively. During our ride yesterday, we had a brief climb, and I got dropped. Sure, I'm not fully recovered. But, it's not pleasant getting dropped all the time during races, so I'll need to scale back the running. This isn't an easy decision because I think I have the most room to improve in my running portion of the IronMan. Oh well, I'll have from June until the IronMan in November (7 months). That's the plan for now at least.

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