Saturday, December 29, 2007

Typical Saturday

Today I got up early (6:45 AM) and loaded my bike and riding clothes in the car and headed to the pool. I was a very cold morning. I was in the pool by 7:45 AM) I swam 1500 meters, again working on stroke drills. It's starting to come back to me again. My back is still too stiff/sore to do kick-turns, but I think a trip to the Chiro will help that.

After my swim (8:30), I rushed to change into my cycling clothes and get my contacts in. In the cold winter, it takes a long time to get all your clothes on. I have my bib shorts, leg warmers, wool socks, cycling shoes, shoe warmers, heart-rate monitor, undershirt, Long-sleeve jersey, thermal jacket, Balaclava, hat, helmet, liner gloves, and outer gloves.

After changing, I rushed to get some breakfast--Blakes Breakfast Burrito and orange Gatorade. Perhaps not the healthiest breakfast but it'll do in a pinch. I slammed the food down while driving to the group ride meeting spot--UNM's Lobo statue. I get there and get ready just in the nick of time.

As I roll up to the Lobo, there's only 6 people there. Historically, this ride usually has 20-30 people. It doesn't help that it's less than 30 degrees outside and overcast. Three of the people there are real hammer heads (i.e. they like to ride at a really brisk pace). Generally this doesn't bother me; however, my bike has these cranks called Power Cranks. These cranks operate independent of each other, and each leg has to turn complete circles without the benefit of the other leg's help. They help you build strength, and they're supposed to help with your running stride. At any rate, they're really tough!

Oh well, I'm here now no use in backing out. We take off and head south to Belen. I'm comfortable with The pace and pull through on all my pulls with any problem. After 2 hours of riding I'm still fine but legs are getting a bit knackered. You generally feel the pain in your hip flexors.

During the third hour, the pace began to pick up. I started getting a bit tired by this point. We finally got back to the Lobo after 3 hours and 55 miles.

About this time Every Saturday (12-1), Tanya gets done working out in her kick boxing class and we rendezvous somewhere for lunch. Instead, today we meet at Tanya's parents' house; her brother and family are in town for the New Year's festivities. All of Tanya's family showed up at the house--like me, she's the oldest of seven. There were a lot of people. We hung out and played games and let the kids play with each other. It was a mellow afternoon, which was all right by me because I was tired.

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