Thursday, December 27, 2007

Long Run Day - Ibuprofen Day

Today, I wasn't planning on working, but a budgeting emergency struck and it was all hands on deck. I was able to get away for lunch and swim a mile working on some drills. This is my first week of swimming after a brief hiatus (4 months).

I returned back to work and finally finished the budgeting crisis at 4:50. From there I headed straight to the gym (Del Norte Sports and Wellness) to start my long run. The high of the day was 25 degrees and there was a wind chill working as well. So, just after recovering from a small sinus infection, I didn't want to risk the outside weather. Besides, it's cold!

I commandeered a treadmill. Programmed it to run it's longest manual program time 1:30 or 90 minutes. This meant I had to run this in two shifts. No problem!

I pressed start and off I went. I had two water bottles, gels, and Cliff Shot Blocks at the ready, which probably looked a bit excessive to the average 20-minute runner. My objective was not speed but base duration, so I spent the first 90 minutes in 6.5 speed or slightly faster than10-minute miles. The second shift I cranked the speed up a little to 7 or slightly slower than 8-minute miles. This lasted 30 minutes and my knees started to hurt. I backed in down to 6.5 for the remaining hour. Towards the end I was really counting the minutes. This was my longest run to date. The last 10 minutes were very painful on the bottom of my feet. Finally, the second 90 minutes finished and I was done: 3 hours and 20 miles.

After a brief rest, I was overcome by a bit of euphoria--this seems to happen every time I push a new limit. I drove home took a shower. My toes had many blisters in spite of great Thorlos running socks my mom sent me for my birthday. Once the euphoria wore off, I took some Ibuprofen and had some noodle soup and watch a movie with my wife. Life's good!

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