Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of Week - Week Summary

Well this morning started a little different then most Sundays. We got up and went to my in-laws church at 9:00 am. We went for the first hour only because we still have lots of family in town. Afterwards I put the full bike bundle on again and started my ride. I rode my Power Cranks again today and had a very specific workout: Big Gear Climbs. This is a force workout to build muscular strength in cycling specific muscles.

I spent the first half-hour warming up--if that's possible in 30 degree weather! Then I shifted into the big chain ring and 15 in the back and climbed up Allena Gallegos (A 2 mile road that's between a 2 and 5 degree pitch). Each interval was 5 minutes; my heart rate was less than 150; and, my cadence was >50 RPMs. I do 5 of these intervals with about a 10 minute active recovery in between each set. It's additionally hard using the Power Cranks on these intervals because each leg is pushing/pulling the whole time. This workout is basically like lifting weights but on a bike.

Each set was challenging but uneventful. Just as I began to start my last set, my brother-in-law Kyler rolled up on his new Litespeed Terramo he got for Christmas. This was the first time he's been able to ride it. I could tell he was very impressed with its ride quality. He joined me for my last set, and we rode home together.

I can't say enough about the ride quality of Litespeed bikes. I love my Siena. Titanium is the best ride there is. I've tried them all: aluminum, carbon, and steel. My training bike is an all alluminum Cannondale, which, coupled with the PowerCranks, is an abusive ride. It beats me up on the bumps and theres a bit of a shimy on descents. My Siena is just plain solid all around. Sure, it may be a bit heavier than some of these other carbon bikes, but, the difference in weight is marginal (1-2 lbs.). I can lose that in my gut. Furthermore, let me pose the question to you: which bike will still be riding the same 5 years from now? The Litespeed is the right answer.

After my ride, I hung out with the family and played lots of games: Scrabble (the best game ever; I kicked Tanya's butt with a 69 point word!), Big Trouble (a new game we got for Christmas, which is a bit weird), Boggle, and Catch Phrase. Besides the ride, it was lazy day.

Total Training Hours: 14.15
Bike: 7.25 Hours/126 Miles
Running: 4 Hours/26.67 Miles
Swimming: 2.5 Hours/4,550 Yards
Strength: 30 Minutes - I don't like weights!
Lost 1 day to sickness!

Bike: 9 hours
Running: 5 hours
Swimming: 3 hours
Weights: 1 hour

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